Baskin Alumni Mentoring Program

The Baskin Alumni Mentoring Program matches MEP students with alumni of the Baskin School of Engineering. The Mentoring Program enables students to tap into a wealth of knowledge that older MEP students and Baskin alumni have accumulated over their academic and professional careers. This knowledge enables students to gain insights into topics such as navigating majors, evaluating possibilities in companies or industries, searching for jobs, creating resumes or LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing, among others.

Don't miss your opportunity to connect with other students and alumni in industry and leverage their experiences!

Gain Experience Through Mentorship

Participate as a freshmen mentee and learn from an experienced upperclassmen. Get the opportunity to ask questions, and grow into who you want to become. 
* Academic Mentor - a MEP Sophomore/Junior/Senior (no professional mentor assigned) 
* Protégé -  a MEP Junior/Senior (assigned a professional mentor)
* Professional Mentor - a BSOE Alumnus who is currently working in industry

Program Expectations

* Mentee meets with their assigned Protégé, or Academic Mentor, at least three times a quarter for the year
* Protégé to be in regular communication with their assigned Professional Mentor during the year
* All program level participants are invited to the events