MEP Tutoring Services

There are ways to find help and become successful in your coursework. If you need guidance, come visit a peer mentor in the MEP office. 

MEP offers one-on-one and group tutoring services to get your academics back on track.  These FREE tutoring services offer a chance for you to get the attention you need. 

Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the TA office hours and the course tutor (if there's one) and Learning Support Services prior to seeking MEP tutorial assistance.

    Tutoring Assistance

    MEP hires peer tutors to assist students in certain courses.  MEP usually provides tutoring for BSOE upper division major courses such as EE 101 and CMPE 100. MEP also refers students to other campus support such as: ACE, and Learning Support Services which includes small group tutoring and modified supplemental instruction.

    To request a tutor, see a MEP peer mentor in the MEP office. 

    Deadline to request tutoring every quarter is the Add/Drop/Swap deadline.

    Become A Tutor

    MEP members who are in good academic standing and who have earned a grade of B or better in specific courses are encouraged to become tutors. Please email the Academic Counselor Jennifer Wood for further information. 

    ACE - Academic Excellence Program

    ACE is an academic support program that is dedicated to increasing the diversity of UCSC students earning bachelors' degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. ACE is a community of scholars who strive for and commit to academic excellence.

    Learning Support Services

    Tutoring is available to all UCSC students through the Learning Support Services at the Academic Resources Center (ARCenter).   Students register for subject tutors in certain courses through an online tutor sign-up system.  To view a list of course subjects or to learn more about these services, visit their web site.

    The Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) program at the Academics Resources Center (ARCenter) gives students the opportunity to learn together in small groups led by advanced Student Learning Assistants.  To learn more about the program, visit their web site.