Stay Connected With the MEP Family

Taylor Gotfrid 2017

Major: Computer Engineering BS

Major: Cognitive Science BS

Minor: Electrical Engineering

Aviv Elor 2019

Major: Robotics Engineering BS

Minor: Electrical Engineering

Dominic Schenone 2017

Major: Bioengineering BS

Minor: Bioinformatics

Minor: Electrical Engineering

As former classmates, we extend an invitation to you to help facilitate networking efforts amongst current MEP students and alumni in a variety of ways. We also hope that you may encounter opportunities to advocate for MEP students and/or help enhance our program’s goals. Keep us in mind when you hear about part-time or summer internships and research opportunities that our students may be eligible for, and when you find opportunities for donations of equipment resources or funding for scholarships—with MEP students as the beneficiaries. If you have any questions on how to support or make a gift to MEP, contact Roger Trippel at the School of Engineering’s Development Office.

E-Mail Connections

Share your current e-mail address for inclusion in our alumni e-mail list. This will allow the MEP staff to share information with you regarding alumni events and activities. These events and activities allow alumni to give back to the next generation of MEP students through shared experience. 

Alumni Webpage

Send us a short biography and/or photo for posting on the alumni web page. Share your success stories, memories, and enlighten MEP students about the environment they’ll soon be entering, whether it be in industry, business or private sector, or graduate school.


Consider accepting invitations to participate in future events hosted at UCSC (career panels, informal alumni gatherings, National Engineers Week activities); and/or invite MEP students to participate in activities at your site (industry tours, Shadow Days, graduate studies research, etc.).


If you are already connected on Linkedin, please join our MEP group