Welcome to MEP

The School of Engineering (SoE) strives to maintain an environment that stimulates excellence in scholarship and service along with a commitment to diversity through the coordinated efforts and services of the Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP). Also known as the MESA Engineering Program, MEP is the university level component of the statewide system Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program of the University of California Office of the President. At UC Santa Cruz, MEP is an integral part of the Undergraduate Advising Unit–providing advice in academic, career, social and cultural areas for students in the SoE community.

We Work To Benefit You!
  • Academic and personal advising
  • 24-hour access to resource/study center facility
  • printer, internet access and fax machine
  • Tutoring
  • Individual lockers & lending library
  • MESA sponsored events
  • Scholarship opportunities & financial aid support
  • Community service & outreach
Get Supported

MEP provides a variety of academic and personal support services to encourage the academic success and graduation of aspiring engineering students who are first in their family to attend college or first to enroll in computer science or engineering studies, or from family backgrounds of limited financial resources and less educational opportunities.

MESA Student Leadership Conference

Eight talented University of California Santa Cruz students gathered in downtown Los Angeles in a step towards becoming the diverse leaders of tomorrow’s tech and engineering workforce. MESA’s Student Leadership Conference brings together hand-picked engineering and computer science students with industry professionals to develop the next generation of STEM leaders.  Held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Oct. 4-5, this year’s conference theme was A Bounty of Homegrown Talent.

Front row (left to right): Nicolle Ayon Campos, Maelia Uy-Gomez, Angela Santos, Jazmin Maravilla Mendoza. 

Back row (left to right): MEP Academic Counselor Jennifer Wood, Arturo Lopez, Frank Osorio, Erika Staud, Lawrence Lawson

MESA Engineering Program (MEP)

The MESA Engineering Program, also known as the Multicultural Engineering Program at the University of California Santa Cruz campus, is the university level component of the statewide Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) - a program of the University of California Office of the President. At UC Santa Cruz, MEP is supported by the Baskin School of Engineering with its goal to promote diversity and facilitate the retention and graduation of a diverse population of students, especially groups which continue to remain the most underrepresented in engineering studies. The program received the 2004 UC Santa Cruz Excellence Through Diversity Award which is presented to programs or individuals for efforts which promote a diverse and inclusive environment.